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Name : Harzly CS
Address : 23, Saemmal-ro 92 beon-gil, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Geyongi-do, Republic of Korea [16800]
Phone : (+82) 10 5161 3194
General Information
Service Fee :
Straight / Thinners : $15
Curved Shears  : $25
Special Repair : $25
Repair with Warranty : $10

✓ Custom Duty and Handling Fee of $10 per pair will be added to the total cost (We will pay this to the custom first on behalf of you).

▷ 1 x Curved Thinners sharpening : $65 [$25 (Service Fee) + $10 (Custom Duty) + $30 (Return Shipping)]

▷ 1 x Thinners sharpening & 1 x Straight repair : $90 [$15 + $25 (Service Fee) + $20 (Custom Duty) + $30 (Return Shipping)]

✓ Please note that service may get rejected by the original manufacturer if an item was damaged by a third-party service provider.
IMPORTANT - International Custom Duty
All shears must be marked as "USED" and a note stating that this is for "Repair" should be attached outside of the package.

Please be informed that unnecessary tariffs will be charged back to a customer on top of the sharpening/repair cost.
Thank you!
The notification will be sent to the email you provided shortly.
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